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Dr. Steven M. Stanley in Shoreline, WA Offers Porcelain Onlays

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When it comes to repairing teeth that have been damaged as a result of dental decay, keeping as much healthy tooth structure as possible is the best for your oral health.  While the standard treatment for a severely decayed tooth was to place a dental crown, teeth can also be repaired and improved more conservatively with porcelain onlays.

At our Shoreline, WA dentist, Dr. Stanley helps patients restore the strength, beauty, and health of their smiles with porcelain onlays.

Porcelain Onlays vs. Crowns

Porcelain onlays are restorations made of tooth-colored porcelain that are shaped to replace decayed areas of teeth or large, failing fillings. They are usually used on molars and pre-molars. Onlays look like puzzle pieces and are bonded to your natural tooth structure, which allows your tooth to remain strong and look healthy.  As a restorative method, onlays are conservative, as only the decayed portions of teeth are removed and replaced with porcelain.

In contrast, getting a dental crown requires the removal of more natural tooth structure, as the crown is intended to be a replacement for the entire top part of your tooth, regardless of how much of it is actually damaged. While crowns are effective at repairing decayed teeth, preparing a tooth for a crown involves removing much more dental enamel – some of which is healthy. Porcelain Onlays

Conservative Dental Restorations

Dr. Stanley provides porcelain onlays for patients with tooth decay, as onlays save the patient both time and money. Crowns can be costly and require more maintenance over time. Onlays are a cost-effective way for Dr. Stanley to provide patients with high-quality dental care that is durable and preserves their natural teeth.

In fact, using an onlay to restore a tooth often makes the tooth stronger than it would be if it was healthy. During the onlay restoration process, Dr. Stanley takes the following steps:

  • Remove Decay – Only damaged parts of teeth, or problematic fillings, will be removed and replaced with porcelain.

  • Shaping and Smoothing - Your tooth is then polished so the porcelain restoration can be properly bonded in-place

  • Impressions – A trusted local dental lab creates the restoration using strong e-max porcelain.

Placement – After your onlay has been custom created, you’ll return to our office to have it bonded in place. Dr Stanley will then polish the restoration and make any adjustments to ensure that your bite alignment is comfortable.

Dr. Stanley and his team believe in honest, patient-focused dentistry. We recommend onlay restorations for severe tooth decay so our patients get the care that need and do not receive any unnecessary, over-treatment. Our patients’ oral health goals and needs are at the center of every treatment plan we create.

Decayed Teeth? Dr. Stanley Can Help!

We love helping our patients obtain beautiful and healthy new smiles. For more information on porcelain onlay restorations in Shoreline, WA, contact our dental office for your consultation.


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