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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Shoreline, WA

At our dental office in Shoreline, Dr. Stanley is committed to helping his patients keep their smiles as healthy as possible. One way to help you stay in good health is the timely response to wisdom teeth eruption. While wisdom teeth don’t always have a negative impact on the rest of your teeth, it is always best to prevent any damage before it occurs. Extracting wisdom teeth before they become an issue can not only prevent discomfort but also save you time and money.

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Prevention Over Extensive Treatment

Wisdom teeth usually begin to erupt or enter our smile, during our teenage years. It will not be until this time that a dentist will be able to see how these additional molars will impact your oral health.

The early detection of developing wisdom teeth requires regularly scheduled visits. Your dentist will detect their growth thanks to the routine use of x-rays during those appointments. Once Dr. Stanley is aware of how the wisdom teeth are developing, he can recommend a treatment plan that will best manage their impact on your oral health, which may include extraction.

Unchecked Wisdom Teeth

While wisdom teeth are not destructive in every case, their eruption is usually detrimental to surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly cause misalignment when they erupt awkwardly. The resulting malocclusion, or crowding, can threaten the health of your neighboring teeth. Other complications can occur in more severe wisdom teeth cases, such as soft tissue inflammation and tooth impaction. 

The Procedure and Healing

Wisdom teeth extractions are performed by certified oral surgeons. Your teeth and gums will be numbed using a local anesthetic, and your surgeon will use a sedative that will allow you to relax for the duration of the procedure. The sedative will keep you calm and allow your surgeon to work without interruption. You will most likely have no memory of the procedure.

After the treatment, you will need to allow sufficient time for healing. Our Shoreline, WA dentist will helpfully outline what food and drinks to avoid, as well as measures you can take to address swelling during the early recovery period. It is especially important to take the prescribed antibiotics in order to prevent infection.

Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Before They Erupt!

Steven M. Stanley, DDS, performs safe wisdom teeth extractions in Shoreline. We highly recommend extracting wisdom teeth before they erupt, but we can only do so if we have the opportunity to know you and your unique dental health.

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